Goodbye Dee Arr Zee

I’ve had the DRZ for almost 2 years. At 145kg wet, it was the lightest bike I’ve ever owned. Even my Pulsar 200NS (160kg wet) was more obese! I purchased it with the mainly for its low weight to build my off-tarmac confidence. I’ve since slapped on some Chinese wheels and converted it from its SM configuration to the Enduro version and took it on some off-road fun. It was unfortunate that it was acquired just before the borders were closed due to Covid-19, and have thus not had the opportunity to take it through some of Malaysia’s beautiful jungles and plantations.

3 siblings down to 2 now.
Loading up and heading to its new home.
Goodbye little pig! It was fun while it lasted!

It’s got a newfound home now. Farewell DRZ. Go forth and bring plenty of joy to your new owner!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Dee Arr Zee”

  1. So sad to see it go! thank you for your article about converting your DRZ wheel and rims to off-road style. I am inspired to change my drz400 to off-road rims and tires too! But after looking at aliexpress and saw the set of rim cost $928 + shipping of $200 some more, I think I will save up for a while lol. But definitely love the thinner wheels.

    1. All good things must come to an end. πŸ˜‰

      Well, if you hang out around Carousell for a little while, you might be able to pick up a used set. Though I suspect it’s not gonna be for much less $$$.

  2. I’ve recently gotten my 2B license and I must admit, your blogposts (Pulsar days) resonated with me and also played a part in motivating me to complete the 2B journey.
    Would really love to join you guys on a group ride in Malaysia soon!

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