How to Turn any Gloves Touchscreen Compatible (For Cheap!)

Gamers’ Finger-socks!

My favourite pair of motorcycle gloves were supposed to be touchscreen compatible. Strangely, after a couple of washes, the touchscreen magic seem to have worn off – leaving me which just, well, a pair of motorcycle gloves. And it’s extremely frustrating to have to remove the gloves every time I had to access my mobile phone’s GPS features.

Installation took literally less than a minute.

So I found a set of cheap Chinese-made gamers’ finger gloves and decided to try them out. Now, instead of fitting them over my fingers, I simply capped them over my gloves instead.

For less than $1 shipped, I’m certainly NOT complaining!
Installed and ready to, ermm… poke!
Tada! The magical touchscreen capability is restored to better than before!

Now because these were designed to be gamers’ gloves, the phone’s screen not only responded VERY well to it, but the gloves now glides effortlessly over the screen – making it super easy to use! One drawback I could think of is the slightly reduced grip on the index finger should you wish to pick up small items using index-finger and thumb pinch method. It might be a tad bit more challenging with this slippery surface.

But hey! For 76cents, I’m certainly not complaining!

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