Ikea $0.60 Helmet Hook Hack

I was searching for a place to hang my helmet off my bike. This is especially useful at the Singapore-Malaysia immigration borders where I’d need to remove the helmet for proper identification. Some people choose to hang the helmet over the mirrors, but I don’t like that as it may inadvertently adjust the mirror angles.

And then I chanced upon some spare s-hooks purchased from Ikea. Enter the Grundtal S-Hook! $2.90 for a pack of 5pcs – and boy! Are they useful!

That’s less than $0.60 each!

For starts, they make a perfect handlebar-end helmet hook! The width of the s-hook fits that small gap between the handlebar grip and bar-end weights so perfectly, it almost seem like it was built for it!

Almost perfect friction fit between the handlebar grip and bar-end weight.
Ta-da! $0.60 Grundtal Motorcycle Helmet Hook!

Ah! But the Grundtal’s usefulness doesn’t stop there! I took an extra piece and applied a generous layer of silicone tape on one end and hung it up on my Ikea Billy Bookcase door. The silicone tape prevents the sharp end of the hook from scratching.

$0.60 Ikea Grundtal + some silicone tape = perfect helmet hangar!
Viola! Now my helmet doesn’t take up any floor space!

Nothing gives one more satisfaction than finding a cheap and easily available solution to a problem – DIY style!

UPDATE 1: After some urging from well-meaning friends, I’ve decided to add the silicon-tape treatment to the end of the s-hook to mitigate any accidentally injury.

No more sharp end…

UPDATE 2: To further prevent accidental puncture injury against the s-hook, I’ve flipped it over to face the front instead of the rear.

There! That should be a whole lot safer now!

5 thoughts on “Ikea $0.60 Helmet Hook Hack”

  1. Good hack. I used to balance the helmet on my gas tank while going through customs, but I always worry it might fall off.Now I just slip my arm through the visor hole of my full faced helmet, and “hold” the helmet on my arm.

  2. There is a much better product available including in Singapore and yes, it costs more but there are advantages to it. One time cost and will save your lid many times over.

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