LED Fog lights install on my Pulsar 200NS

Long weekend project…. Got a pair of these LED fog lights for my bike and a handlebar on-off light switch. Was figuring out where to put the light switch as my handlebar has no more space… So ended up installing the switch on the engine crash bar instead – just beside the LED fog light.

For those who may be technically interested, the LED fog has 3 modes – high, low, and flashing. Draws 850mA on high, about 250mA on low, and approximately 480mA on flashing mode. So my 5A fuse provision for this is definitely way more than enough.

The fog lamp kit with switch

Location of installed switch – no place on handlebar to mount switch.

Looking good! =)

24 thoughts on “LED Fog lights install on my Pulsar 200NS”

  1. Im new with wirings and all and I would like to install my newly purhased U5 LED Proj Light. Do you happen to have a video or step by step pictures in installing this? i dont understand the diagram you posted. Sorry! 🙂

    1. Quite frankly, if you’re “new to wirings” and not familiar with electrical schematics, I’d strongly recommend that you get someone else who’s familiar to install it for you. Messing with your bike’s electrical system while not knowing what you’re doing may not be too good an idea.

      1. Thats what I thought so…but someone need to start somewhere right? I installed my hazard switch months before and now with the auxilliary lights I bought, I think I can do it. I wanted to know where to tap the wires. what I dont understand in the diagram is where do I tap the negative wire? I hope you’ll reconsider…

        1. The entire bike frame is “negative”. Just find a nearby metal bolt and connect your “negative” terminal there.

    1. If they indeed are TRUE 27w LEDs, that translates to a slightly over 2A current draw per LED – a pretty significant amount of current. Yes, I would definitely include an inline fuse for circuit protection.

  2. GOOD DAY.
    I decided to install my fog lights. But i’m not sure if what i did is safe. It’s working properly though. I connected the proper wires DIRECTLY to the (+) and (-) ports of the battery itself. I did’nt made any series connection in the ignition wire. Is it okay? Thanks

    1. I hope you connected a switch? Otherwise, that would mean that your fogs will always be turned on. Also, I would have connected a fuse in series. That would be to protect the wiring in the event of a short circuit.

      If it’s “working properly” like you mentioned, it probably should do. Biggest issue with wiring it directly to the battery is that some naughty hands (or your own absent mindedness for that matter) could switch on your fogs even if your bike is turned off. This would deplete your battery and leave you stranded or having to push start your bike.

  3. i jus buy my new pulsar ns 200 and planning to modify it but i don’t understand what changes should i make on my ns 200, my budget is 5000,,, can u plz help me what should i do?

    1. Personally, I would do whatever pleases you that your budget would allow. I’m from Singapore, but I suspect I can’t say the same for you. Coz for SGD5000, you can get an amazingly awful lot of stuff at that budget!!

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