DRZ400SM to Dirt Conversion

Got myself a DR-Z400! It’s torquey motor, light weight, and Japanese reliability makes it the perfect fun bike! And what better way to enjoy a fun bike than to make some modifications to take it to the dirt!

The DRZ400 in supermoto config – very light, very flickable, very fun!

The first step to making it dirt-friendly is to get a set of larger dirt wheels. The DRZ400 comes in 3 configurations – DRZ400SM, DRZ400S and DRZ400E. The S and E versions come with dirt-friendly 21″ front and 18″ rear wheels, while the SM version has 17″ wheels. So I bought myself a set of S / E 21″ & 18″ wheels for my SM.

Guess what just arrived in the mail? =)
New wheels!!

With the new wheels here, now I’ll need new tires! I wanted a set of aggressive dirt tires that are still road-legal. And after some research, decided to go for a set of Dunlop D603’s.

Carried the tires home – ready for install!
The Dunlop D603 tires. They look pretty aggressive alright!
Tire installation by hand was a bitch!
After some struggle, finally got the front tires installed!
Always nice to have a friend over when changing tires and wheels!
Front wheel in. Now the rear…
Viola! The Zee is now dirt-ready!

Spent the weekend converting the Zee… Can’t wait to take her to the dirt!

12 thoughts on “DRZ400SM to Dirt Conversion”

  1. Hi,
    That was a great project that u have done!!!💪
    May I know how much is the set of wheels from China? Any foreseeable problem with LTA inspection if done with the changed rims?

  2. Nice project. Just got myself a SM and also want to convert. Just want to check if you need to change the side-stand to cater for the taller wheels.

    1. Yes I did replace the side stand with the 400S/E version. You will also need the replacement springs – the 400SM springs wont work on the 400S/E side stand.

      1. Would you mind sharing where you got the side stand from? Been scouring Lazada, Aliexpress, Carousell with no avail.

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