DRZ400SM to Dirt Conversion

Got myself a DR-Z400! It’s torquey motor, light weight, and Japanese reliability makes it the perfect fun bike! And what better way to enjoy a fun bike than to make some modifications to take it to the dirt!

The DRZ400 in supermoto config – very light, very flickable, very fun!

The first step to making it dirt-friendly is to get a set of larger dirt wheels. The DRZ400 comes in 3 configurations – DRZ400SM, DRZ400S and DRZ400E. The S and E versions come with dirt-friendly 21″ front and 18″ rear wheels, while the SM version has 17″ wheels. So I bought myself a set of S / E 21″ & 18″ wheels for my SM.

Guess what just arrived in the mail? =)
New wheels!!

With the new wheels here, now I’ll need new tires! I wanted a set of aggressive dirt tires that are still road-legal. And after some research, decided to go for a set of Dunlop D603’s.

Carried the tires home – ready for install!
The Dunlop D603 tires. They look pretty aggressive alright!
Tire installation by hand was a bitch!
After some struggle, finally got the front tires installed!
Always nice to have a friend over when changing tires and wheels!
Front wheel in. Now the rear…
Viola! The Zee is now dirt-ready!

Spent the weekend converting the Zee… Can’t wait to take her to the dirt!

14 thoughts on “DRZ400SM to Dirt Conversion”

  1. Hi,
    That was a great project that u have done!!!?
    May I know how much is the set of wheels from China? Any foreseeable problem with LTA inspection if done with the changed rims?

  2. Nice project. Just got myself a SM and also want to convert. Just want to check if you need to change the side-stand to cater for the taller wheels.

    1. Yes I did replace the side stand with the 400S/E version. You will also need the replacement springs – the 400SM springs wont work on the 400S/E side stand.

      1. Would you mind sharing where you got the side stand from? Been scouring Lazada, Aliexpress, Carousell with no avail.

  3. Are the brand of these rims KKE or VMX? Been looking at the cross-spoke tubeless ones for my F8GS. Wondering what the performance of the rims were like

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