Deepavali long weekend trip around Peninsular Malaysia

It was the long weekend and we took the opportunity to ride!

In prep of our big ride coming up next month end, we wanted to use this 3-day ride to test our bikes and our resilience to long saddle hours. And so we planned for a 3-day ride round Peninsular Malaysia!

Kelantan to Kelantan

The original plan was to ride from Kelantan Lane in Singapore to Kelantan in Malaysia. To make the ride a little bit more interesting, we’ve decided to take the East Coastal roads of Peninsular Malaysia.

Meeting up in Singapore.
We have Eddy and Jun Kiat riding the first leg with us and joining us for breakfast in Yong Peng.
Fishball noodles in Yong Peng.

After breakfast, Eddy and Jun Kiat decided to turn back towards Singapore while the remaining four of us continued our journey up north. It was the first time Eddric and Melvin joined us on a tour.

Taking a short break somewhere along the route.

Seafood lunch.
BB Shellfood dinner in Trengganu.
Interesting way of serving – by pouring all the butter-cooked shellfish onto the table for the four of us to share.
Dinner time! Tuck in!
Our accommodation for the first night – a VERY basic semi-detached house in the middle of almost nowhere.
We went on a little morning ride.
Coconut trees everywhere!
Some uncompleted building.

It was the rainy season and we were greeted with about as much rain as sunshine. And through periods of rain, we had to quickly pull to the side of the road to don our rain gear. After some time, we got used to the rhythm of the roadside rain dance, and actually got quite proficient at it!

One of the many rain dances we performed in that 3 days.
Lunch in Kelantan.
Lunchtime selfie!
Another one of those roadside rain dances.
Beautiful roads along the Gerik Highway.
An arial shot somewhere in the middle of nowhere. =P
Another random drone shot.
Couldn’t resist having A&W in Malaysia! Restoran Jejantas Sg Buloh.

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