Sunday Morning Off-road Ride in Pontian

One Honda Super 4, a Yamaha 950XVS, a Triumph Daytona 675, a Yamaha XJ6 Diversion, and a Pulsar 200NS took a leisurely ride to Pontian on Sunday morning. None of us have been here before, but the plan for the day was to ride along a western coastal stretch which looked like it might be unpaved road on Google Maps. We thought that it’ll be fun to explore the western coast after exploring the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia last week.

That ~2km stretch of coastal road in Pontian.

Yup! You read it right! NONE of the bikes were built for off-road! In fact, Cheng Hui failed to inform Eddy about the off-road section and so Eddy brought along his Triump Daytona sport bike for this ride! Nope! Not a great vehicle choice for the terrain!

And so when we arrived at the mouth of the off-road stretch, Cheng Hui with his Super 4 stayed behind with Eddy and his Triumph Daytona. Siu Hon’s XJ6, Lawrence’s XVS950 and my Pulsar 200NS ventured ahead! The The Yamaha XVS950 Midnight Star – that’s a VERY gung-ho cruiser!

Lawrence and his very gung-ho Midnight Star cruiser!

Unfortunately, the road was a little too much for the heavy cruiser to handle and Lawrence had to turn around halfway through. So it was just Siu Hon’s XJ6 and me and my Pulsar.

Now who left this boat here?
Wee! Obviously a route meant for bikes!
The relatively lightweight Pulsar 200NS with the Pirelli Angel CT performed surprisingly well on these gravel roads!
The heavier and bulkier Yamaha XJ6 Diversion was struggling a little and didn’t fare as well on such roads. For once, thanks to the lightweight Pulsar, I didn’t feel like the “disadvantaged” bike here! LOL!
Mooo! Excuse me please! Moooooo!

What a day! Nice, straight stretch of gravel, dirt and grass – perfect practice playground for the bunch of complete off-road noobs with their street bikes and street tires! XP +10pts!!

15 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Off-road Ride in Pontian”

      1. Mine’s at 14,000+km and running. still kinda healthy, but thinking if I should change as a form of preventive measure.

  1. Hi sgbikerboy! Greetings from msia. I love your blog, please keep posting.
    What’s your bike mileage since that engine overhaul? Is it still smooth running?
    Our local m/cycle brand Modenas will launch three bikes on the 19th of May. Basically they are the pulsar ns200, rs200 and the retro v15, rebadged as Modenas. Bajaj is now their technical partner.

    1. Heya! Well, it’s been about 21,000km since the rebuild and have been smooth running so far. I also did a valve clearance check at the 14,000km mark – which didn’t require any adjustments. The mechanics at UM have been marveling at how smooth and quiet the engine is since the rebuild and commended on the quality of work the Thai guys did – despite being unfamiliar with the bike model. So it’s so far so good! šŸ™‚

      BTW, do you happen to work for Modenas?

      1. Glad to hear that. And 21000 kms, thumbs up, your overhaul was not too long ago. You’re enjoying the riding experience often.
        No,not working for modenas. I’m just a bike enthusiast. There were several teasers on the launch date in fb and twitter by modenas and also related news in local motoring websites/blogs.

        1. Yeah – I’ve been taking the bike to places. The rebuild was done in July last year. So, yeah, it has been about 10 months. Some 10 good months. Hehe.

          Ah! I see… And would you happen to be considering purchasing one of the Bajaj / Modenas bikes yourself? šŸ™‚

          1. Well.. I’m not looking to buy now. But it’s interesting because of its India origin. Ktm 200 has been selling quite ok here.
            It’s safe to assume that this will sell well because of the lower price compared to ktm.
            You can find spareparts in the near future when you ride into Msia. Less worries.

          2. Definitely interesting. I think the Pulsar 200NS and the RS200 are one of the nicest looking 200cc machines at that price point.

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