Passed my Class 2A License Test!

3 practical lessons, 3 weeks, $300, and I finally got my Class 2A driving license!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Singapore tiered driving license scheme for motorcycles, (regardless of age and driving experience,) motorcycle learners start off with a Class 2B license which limits the rider on a motorcycle with engine below 200cc. You’ll need to wait ONE YEAR before you can register for lessons for the next tier. Passing the next tier, Class 2A, will allow you to ride a motorcycle of up to 400cc engine capacity. Again, you need to wait for another ONE YEAR before you can register for lessons for the next tier – the coveted Class 2 unlimited cc license.

The 100-minute Class 2A theory lesson in BBDC.

Overall course structure for Class 2A comprise of Continue reading “Passed my Class 2A License Test!”

I got my Class 2B License!

Yeah! After 3 months and 4 days, passed on my first attempt! Just got home after a gruelling day. Completed the mandatory Expressway Familiarisation Course and had to wait for quite a while for license application (long queue at TP office). But in any case, FINALLY!!…. hahah…

Actually, passing rate today was quite high – 39 passed in the class of about 50 people. That’s almost 80% of the class!

Can’t wait to go bike shopping now!