Last Ride of 2020

Last ride for 2020! And what a challenging year this has been! Still in Phase 2 of the Circuit Breaker here in Singapore, 4 of us gathered to do an around Singapore ride on this last Sunday morning of 2020, and a photoshoot session to end off the year.

Flanked by manicured shrubs on the left and young trees on the other side.
Enjoying the glow of the golden morning sun.
These young trees were spaced out with absolute precision.
My G bathing in the morning sun.
Loving the G in custom paintwork.
Looking for the best angle can create some really awkward pose.
The little G trying to camouflage.
We were blessed with great weather and very blue skies!
Aay, Bee, Cee & Dee
Love the colonial-era black and white architecture.
Feeling a little touristy.
M’ah Gee…
I wonder who runs faster – the bikes or the planes.
L’il kampung life.
No entry to motorised vehicles… Oh well…
The G’s a very capable urban machine too!
The typical SH photo pose. =P
The “Carousell” shot.

2 thoughts on “Last Ride of 2020”

  1. You gotta share some of those good spots for the off road trails man. I can’t figure out where they are from the pictures.

    1. LOL! You probably know how it works in SG. Some of these places that we visit may be a little questionable when it comes to the legality of riding there. Here, we don’t have rights similar to the 5th Amendment in the US. Not about to publicly self-incriminate here. =P

      But when the Circuit Breaker measures ease further, let’s ride together and I can SHOW you these spots instead! =)

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