Brake Fluid Flush on my BMW R1200GS LC

The BMW maintenance schedule calls for a brake fluid replacement every 2 years on the BMW R1200GS wethead. The last brake fluid replacement on my GS was in Dec16. And since I was planning for a long’ish trip later this year, I thought it was a good idea to get this done earlier.

The front brakes were a little easier for a one-man bleed operation – I could reach for the brake lever and the bleed screw simultaneously, applying pressure on the brake lever while I released the bleed screw for the brake fluid to eject. But the rear wasn’t as simple – the rear brake pedal was on the right hand side of the bike, while the brake caliper (and thus the bleed screw) was on the left. If I were to attempt to do it without an assistant, I’ll need to create some negative pressure for suction – that’s where the brake bleeding pump kit comes in handy!

My brake servicing kit
The brake bleed pump assembled.

Connected to the brake bleed nipple and checking for any leaks.
Negative pressure; Release fluid; Negative pressure; Release fluid; Repeat.

This simple mechanical bleed does not reach the small amount of fluid that’s trapped inside the ABS pump. As such, it is necessary to actuate the ABS pump to get that old fluid flushed out, alongside any air that is possibly trapped there. This is where the GS911 comes in handy!

The bleed brake service function on the GS911.
Brake bleeding instructions on the GS911.
Actuating the ABS pump. The GS911 instructions calls for pressing on the brake levers for at least 3 times for at least 2 seconds each time.

Perform a second mechanical flush, followed by a second ABS pump actuation, before a third and final mechanical flush, and the brake fluid replacement is complete!

Next brake fluid replacement – 2 years later. Service reminder set!

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  1. Great! I need to do the same thing on my 2016. Since I don’t have a GS911, couldn’t I just go for a ride between flushes, make sure the ABS gets activated (on gravel or somewhere) and then flush again? Thanks for the post!

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