How to keep your motorcycle boxes fresh

Do you keep your motorcycle helmet in your topbox or side cases? What about your riding jacket and riding gloves? If you do, like me, then you’ll find that the boxes start to smell after awhile. Now here’s a tip…

The odour obliteration device! A handy pouch hanging from the corner of the inside of my top case.
SGD$1.90 for a 2-pack. They last for about a month each – so that’s less than a dollar for every month of topcase freshness!

The added advantage is that this leaves your helmet and riding gear smelling fresh and ready to wear when you return to bike from that lunch / dinner / shopping stop!

3 thoughts on “How to keep your motorcycle boxes fresh”

  1. I notice in my bike’s box, that vapours start to form inside due to heat and possibly a sweaty helmet (gross). What are your thoughts on drilling a hole or two at the bottom of the box for ventilation?

    Love your blog btw. I’m just waiting for the right time to get my hands on a CBR1000RR, when work things settle.

    1. I personally wouldn’t do that if I were you. Drilling a hole (or two) would destroy the water-tightness of the case. Furthermore, hot air rises and probably won’t escape through the bottom holes anyway.

      What I might do is to open up the box to air it more frequently – just to get rid of any residual odours.

      All the best to your CBR1000RR! But hey – when you eventually get yourself one, please don’t spoil the outline by adding any boxes to it! Lol.

      1. Oh yeah that makes sense..

        No boxes definitely, although I saw an older model (2005) with 2 of that tube storage thingy which doesn’t destroy the outline, cuz it’s an under-tail exhaust

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