Failed Drive Shaft and Final Drive on my BMW R1200GS LC

My R1200GS left me stranded.

I was on my way to office on morning, merrily rolling along the usual morning traffic when I suddenly felt my rear wheel disengaged from the motor. Blipping the throttle only produced a cringe-worthy rattle with no power transfer to the wheel. And so I pulled to the side of the road and called BMW Assist.

I had to tow.

Grounded splines on the drive shaft mating surface.
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Of Cows and Horses – The BMW R1200GS/A

Ever since someone planted the visual of a R1200GSA association with a cow in my mind, that image kinda stuck there. And since I have the R1200GS and not the GSA, I figured that I have that small window of opportunity to alter that mental image before someone else injects another visual…. LOL!

R1200GSA = Cow

R1200GS = Horse!

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Goodbye My Pulsar

It’s been almost 2 years, and we’ve traveled – REALLY traveled places together. It’s taken me to Malaysia countless times, and even to Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. It’s my first bike, and there’s always something unforgettable about first bikes that will remain in a biker’s memory.

But it’s now time to say goodbye, and the Honda CB400X has taken its place as my traveling companion.

Hello and goodbye…

YES! My Pulsar 200NS is sold!

Serve your new owner well, my faithful yellow steed… New adventures await! =)

Lupromax, really? Why you so scared?

I was going about my usual day activity this afternoon when my iPhone suddenly buzzed. Turns out, I received a facebook page comment and a private message at about the same time.

The facebook page comment read:

“Please share with everyone the technical details of your finding on this subject!!!! backed up with ISO testing not just you saying this is shampoo.”

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Goodbye Pulsarians Singapore FB Group

In this digital age, content appear to be abundantly available online. A quick Google or Yahoo (does anybody actually use this term?) for something, and you’ll find useful and relevant content. But did you know that in the internet world, it is estimated that only 1% of people GENERATE content while 99% of the people CONSUME it? It’s called the “1% rule” in internet culture. (See wikipedia article here.)

It takes time and effort to generate content – digital or otherwise. And after it is generated, have you actually considered WHERE you host that content?

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Singapore Introduces Luxury Tax on Motorcycles

The Singapore Budget 2017 was announced by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat yesterday. And in view of the recent lamentations from the motorcycling community of the record high Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices for motorcycles – especially affecting the smaller motorcycles – the government has announced a tiered Additional Registration Fee (ARF) tax structure on motorcycles.

The existing motorcycle tax structure (Source: LTA website)

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Exposing the Engine Oil Bearing Friction Test / Scam

I’ve come across a couple of engine oil / oil additives companies that use the timken bearing test – also sometimes known as the “one arm bandit” test or bearing lubricity test – to display the efficacy of their oil or oil additive. I must admit that the test, being very visual, is extremely convincing. But did you know that this non-standardised test is practically useless in demonstrating the efficiency of oils? In fact, it can actually be (unscrupulously) manipulated.

So, the next time before you’re convinced of the “superiority” of any engine oils or oil additives using this demonstration, remember this – you might actually be better off using shampoo*!!

*on the bearing test only please. Do NOT use shampoo in your engine!

It’s time to say goodbye…

It’s time to say goodbye….

You’ve been with me for a year, and we sure have traveled serious distances together. I’ve brought you to multiple Malaysia trips. We’ve even went on a tour to Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. We went through thick and thin together – through good weather, and some really bad ones; on good roads, and some horrible ones. I will always cherish the times we spent on these trips.

Bye bye…

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Why do motorcycle front and rear tires have opposite tread patterns?

You will notice that many performance motorcycle tires not only are available in different sizes, but ALSO specifically for the front and the rear of the motorcycle. Sometimes, manufacturers may also have the exact same size of tires for the front and the rear of the motorcycle, leading some to ask – are they the same? If they are the exact same size, can I use a “rear” tire for the “front” or vice-versa?

Pirelli Angel CT tire size chart. Notice they have it in 80/90-17 for front and the exact same size for the rear too?

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You VEP Me? I VEP You!

Two young boys were playing nicely. Sinbad and Malvyn were, in fact, brothers. In the midst of their brotherly play and without realising it, Sinbad’s left shoulder accidentally brushed against Malvyn’s right cheek.. The cheek, comprising mainly of soft tissue, hurt badly for Malvyn. Out of youthful spite, Malvyn raised his right hand and smacked on Sinbad’s left arm. Sinbad was caught surprised. He didn’t understand why Malvyn would deliberately hurt him. So, after a couple of seconds, Sinbad regained his composure and hit Malvyn on his right arm as revenge.

By this time, Malvyn felt really wronged.

“Why was Sinbad hitting me again?”, Malvyn thought to himself. The sense of injustice was building up within Malvyn, and he retaliated with an even stronger blow to Sinbad’s right arm.

Before long, a fight escalated, and Mum had to step in to intervene.

Does the scenario above sound familiar? Yes, that’s exactly what is happening between Singapore and Malaysia regarding the toll and vehicle entry permit charges that both sides have been increasing in retaliatory responses.

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